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Realm of Allura is a server where its development is community driven.  Not only does the server boast incredible custom biomes it has an experienced and professional staff team, all with their own responsibilities, that are very approachable.

Realm of Allura also has a dedicated build team, whose works are used for alternate gamemodes and their in-game maps.  Projects of high quality are also posted on our PlanetMinecraft page.

Community interaction, when not in-game, mainly takes place within our forums and on our Discord server.


Updates, Contests & Events
#7: End Portals & Some Changes
So, this is the first update since public opening and I must say minus a couple of bugs and minor issues everything has ran very...
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Render Contest #2 Contest
Hey guys, another contest for you. So… you may notice that the website is lacking, well, Allura-related content.  Our artists are already overworked and the...
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#6: Going Live!
Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my greatest pride and pleasure to announce: WE’RE OPENING ON THE 5th OF JULY! That’s right! It’s been a long...
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