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Realm of Allura is a global gaming network where our development is community driven.  We are incredibly proud of the custom content we offer as well as our approachable and professional staff team.  Realm of Allura provides an immersive and safe environment for all.

Our Team

  • Claire88c



    Claire is an Australian lady with a soft spot for terrible puns. She’s had many stints in moderation of online communities, the first of which was back in 2010. She brings humour, direction, administrative experience, web development, art, procrastination, and poor attempts at organisation to the staff team, and also acts as resident fact-checker and is obsessed with learning and teaching others new things (often about gross medical stuff they never wanted to know anyway). She endeavours to bridge the gap between staff and community and ensure good relations and understanding between them. Her goal is to make RoA the tightest, fun and the most welcoming community she possibly can. (She also really likes animals. Send her dog pictures.)


  • Icalave



    Ica is a well travelled 25 year old currently located in Minnesota. He takes the role in Realm of Allura as leading developer, co-owner, builder, terraformer, forum administrator and server drunkard. Ica has 8 years experience in Minecraft server development and administration.


  • ironly



    Jon is a 29 year old Brit residing in Arizona. Within Realm of Allura he takes the role of a community mediator, counselor, web developer, plugin configurator and forum administrator.  Jon has 12 years of online community staffing experience, most of which has included moderating, administration and web development.  Jon also has a background of play-by-post role-playing, which helped inspire the creation of the role-play section on the Realm of Allura forums.


  • Siilvarra



    Siil is a 23 year old living in the United Kingdom with a serious addiction to tea and an abnormal liking of rocks. He serves as second in command to a number of smaller areas of the server, including the build team and the forum RP, which he helps to organise and occasionally lead projects while sipping tea. His personal project is the server lore, which he spent far too long agonizing on to be healthy. In his spare time, he likes to drink more tea, play strategy games and study most topics known to mankind. Did I mention he likes tea? No? He likes tea.

Our Servers

Accessible via mc.realmofallura.com, our Minecraft Servers have dedicated Survival, Creative, and Adventure gamemodes.

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Accessible via ce.realmofallura.com, our Conan Exiles Server has a dedicated mod pack to enhance community gameplay.

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  • Loves It!!! everyone is so friendly and helpful..Awesome people..


  • Awesome server! Great people, great mods and a great community. One of my favorite servers.












February 8, 2018

Additions Content Team started, which merges the current staff, developers and artists with wiki writers, lore writers, skilled builders, community veterans and former staff. Gig, AvoidingCollege, Ariovistas, Crispy and Sampah added to the content team. Server shop has some additions: Gift of Experience perk added. Gift of Health perk added. Donators can now gift certain packages

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Gift of Flight & VotM Rework

Gift of Flight The much requested global fly perk has been added to the server shop! This perk allows you to grant access to fly for the whole of the survival server for a total of 6 hours.  On expiration of the perk all players will be returned to the ground safely (even if they

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Christmas 2017 Sale & Expansion

Christmas Sale Starting December 24th we are hosting a Christmas sale where all rank donation packages are reduced by 18% to commemorate the upcoming year of 2018, which will be a very eventful year for our community. Not only will 2018 bring us Minecraft version 1.13 and 1.14, but it will bring a lot of

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