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Realm of Allura is a Minecraft network where our development is community driven.  We are incredibly proud of the custom content we offer as well as our approachable and professional staff team.  Realm of Allura provides an immersive and safe environment for all.

We currently offer Survival, SkyBlock and Plots gamemodes, but have plans for expansion in the near future.

We have a dedicated build team, that provides much of the content you see within the various gamemodes and servers we have available.  Official Team Allura build projects are often displayed on our Planet Minecraft page.

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February 8, 2018
Additions Content Team started, which merges the current staff, developers and artists with wiki writers, lore writers, skilled builders, community veterans and former staff. Gig, AvoidingCollege,...
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January 18, 2018
Additions Boss bar notification method added to Gift of Flight perk. BaneOfOmen added to the staff team. Events page added to the website, which can be added...
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Gift of Flight & VotM Rework
Gift of Flight The much requested global fly perk has been added to the server shop! This perk allows you to grant access to fly...
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