#13: Party Update

So there was a little hype made with this update, mainly during the testing process, but now we are happy to announce the release of the Party Update! This update brings a couple fun features to the survival server that everyone has access to.  With the release of this update it also means the close of Contest #4: Party Room, because we now have a lovely home to play host to our Party Room.  Credit of the build goes to our own @ShinyNate.

You can access the Party Room within the survival server by typing /warp, going to Public Warps, and clicking on the cake labelled ‘Party Room‘.

The Party Room has the following features:

Drop Parties
Drop parties are when items are dropped to the ground, usually by a member of staff that has fly.  This act of dropping is fairly predictable and can sometimes lead to problems in which players believe that items are being dropped in favor of certain people.  Not only that, but players can’t realistically host their own drop parties because of their inability to fly.  Our Party Room however has a drop party feature where players can simply load up the party chest ready for their own drop parties.  When the lever is pulled (which costs 9 diamonds) a countdown will be announced in-game for players to gather at the party room.  Cakes (yes, cakes) will be dropped from the sky, some of which include prizes that were donated to the party chest.  No-one knows what hides inside each cake until it is broken!

What party room would be a party zone without a source of refreshments? Rose and Jenny will happily serve you a drink in exchange for a Drink Token, which are now handed out by the Holy Man at survival /spawn as a vote reward.  Yeah, we’re not sure why a man of the cloth is handing out drink tokens either, but the drinks the Party Room Barmaids provide sure sure beat those blessings (which have now been removed)! Some of these drinks have more of a kick than others, so please drink responsibly!

So, that sums up the Party Room.  Thank you very much for reading this update!

Oh wait, you want to know HOW to get more of those drinks? Well, I guess I could let you in on an old trade family trade of mine.  Let’s talk about the brewery business…

Anyone can make a brew.  First off just simply set up a cauldron full of water above a fire pit (or pool of lava is that’s your thing).

Depending on the recipe you’re trying you would then place three items into the filled cauldron, each with a right click.  Then using a Clock right click on the water to check how long the cauldron has been boiling.  If you’re making something non-alcoholic like Hot Chocolate or Tea you will see that you need to act quickly because the cauldron will already boiling, meaning you need to take out your drinks immediately, with Glass Bottles.  Anything alcoholic however requires more time, so fermentation can take place.  Fermentation will take between 2 to 3 weeks (represented by 2 to 3 real life minutes respectively), depending on the recipe you are attempting.  With a little practice you will figure out the perfect fermentation time of each brew recipe you attempt.

When fermentation (for alcoholic brews) is complete you may then have to distill your brew.  You can distill brews in a regular brewing stand with use of glowstone dust as a filter.

Distillation, unlike brewing potions on a brewing stand, takes a while and for some brews requires an additional run through.  Like with fermentation a little practice will mean you find the perfect outcome for your recipe.  When distillation is complete the brew will be ready to drink (if it’s successful that is!).  Take a note of the yellow ‘2 Weeks Fermented’; this is a hint that the brew did not reach it’s full potential (even though it’s still pretty good!)


Player created brews cannot be sold in Chest Shops since all brews are unique when you consider the varieties of ingredients and timings of fermentation and distillation.  If you wish to try different brews out your best best would be to purchase some from other players or seek out a drink token to exchange for a drink from the Party Room Barmaids.  Pay attention to the effects you get from drinking different drinks and if interested research into real life drink ingredients.  Different ingredients are tied to specific status effects in-game meaning if two brews have a matching effect it means that it they have at least one matching ingredient.

Well I can’t leave you high and dry can I? Here are some generalized recipes to get you started, but I will let you figure out the perfect timings for the processes required.

Gin: 3x Fern.  Requires distillation.
Sweet Tea: 2x Grass, 1x Sugar.

If people struggle finding out more recipes I may release more hints in the future.

Happy brewing!


  1. Holy says:

    Yay! The brewing plugin : D

  2. I really wish I had more time so I could try out all these cool things.

  3. Nyx says:

    o yeah, time to get drunk!

  4. I always knew those girls were no good for me. Momma tried to warn me but I didn’t listen…

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