[Owner] Claire Claire88c#0896 Claire is an Australian lady with a soft spot for terrible puns. She’s had many stints in moderation of online communities, the first of which was back in 2010. She brings humour, direction, administrative experience, web development, art, procrastination, and poor attempts at organisation to the staff team, and also acts as resident


[Owner] Ica Icalave#4014 Ica is a well travelled 25 year old currently located in Minnesota. He takes the role in Realm of Allura as leading developer, co-owner, builder, terraformer, forum administrator and server drunkard. Ica has 8 years experience in Minecraft server development and administration.  


[Admin] Jon ironly#0164 Jon is a 29 year old Brit residing in Arizona. Within Realm of Allura he takes the role of a community mediator, counselor, web developer, plugin configurator and forum administrator.  Jon has 12 years of online community staffing experience, most of which has included moderating, administration and web development.  Jon also has


[Mod] Siil Siilvarra#8256 Siil is a 23 year old living in the United Kingdom with a serious addiction to tea and an abnormal liking of rocks. He serves as second in command to a number of smaller areas of the server, including the build team and the forum RP, which he helps to organise and