It’s no secret that Realm of Allura is missing some very important information, especially regarding the plugins and various features we have set up in-game.  Honestly, finding the time and desire to write up such information is difficult and these projects get piled up on the ‘low priority’ list below bug fixes, build projects, new updates and such.  So, I thought I’d seek the community’s help again and make use of your talents!

So what I’m requesting is information guides, which will be displayed both on the website and within the very empty Server Info section of the forums.  I need information guides written up on the following server features:

  • ChestShops: How to make and use them.  Mention how many ChestShops you can have per rank.
  • Community Mall: How to rent shop spaces and how shop leasing works.  Mention of the warp.  Mention of the different sized shops per rank.
  • GriefPrevention: How to claim land.  How to set up trust permissions.  How to set up flags.  How to obtain claim blocks (voting, time and donation).
  • MyPet: How to tame, feed them, train them etc.  You may need to cross reference in-game features with the MyPet wiki.
  • SkyBlock: Everything.  How to play.  The custom islands.  The challenges.  Island expansions.  The economy.  Magic cobblestone generator.  Everything.
  • How to find our channel, and how to use it.
  • Support: How to file reports or appeals through our support system on the website.
  • Donating: How to donate using our server shop.  Mention the various perks.
  • Voting: How to vote.  What to do with vote tokens.  The known rewards.  Mention SkyBlock also.
  • Custom Recipes: How to make them.
  • End Portals: How to make them/obtain them.  Yes the End Portal recipe will be repeated twice, due to Custom Recipes guide.
  • Staff: The basic responsibilities of each staff member/their rank.  You can request this information from the members of staff if necessary.
  • Editable Signs: How to do it.
  • Discord: How to sign up.  How to use.  Mention of the app (on computer/cell phone) and the browser version.  Note: Browser version has less options than the app. 
  • Miscellaneous: Anything else you can think of.  Combine ‘basic’ commands into one guide, perhaps.

So, PM me on the forums with your guides.  I want to see informative paragraphs and professional looking screenshots.  I may use extracts of different people’s guides in order to create the perfect guide for our community.  I will award up to 12500 Claim Blocks per guide, but this may be split between authors if I combine works.  There is no deadline for this contest, but any complete guides provided to me by August 20th will be rewarded 25 Vote Tokens (which again I will split between authors if I combine works).

Wow, after writing that list it really does remind me of how much work needs to be done.  I hope you can help!


  1. Now this is my kind of contest! One request is that it be extended to the 20th in order for people about to start school to have a better chance at participating.

  2. Amended. Thank you.

  3. Ooh yes! I'd love to participate!

  4. Considering writing up the staff and donation ones! Also, should we have a Discord one?

  5. Discord could indeed have a guide. Added to the list!

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