February 8, 2018


  • Content Team started, which merges the current staff, developers and artists with wiki writers, lore writers, skilled builders, community veterans and former staff.
    • Gig, AvoidingCollege, Ariovistas, Crispy and Sampah added to the content team.
  • Server shop has some additions:
    • Gift of Experience perk added.
    • Gift of Health perk added.
    • Donators can now gift certain packages to other players.



  • Boss bar notification method for Gift of Flight now has a timer.
  • Server shop has been simplified:
    • Patron Rank one-off donation package has been removed from the server shop.
    • Mythic Upgrade one-off donation packages have been removed from the server shop.
    • 24 Hour WorldEdit one-off donation package has been removed from the server shop.
    • Claim Block packages have been removed from the server shop.
    • WorldEdit packages for the Plots server have been decreased in price.
  • Chat prefix colors have been changed:
    • [Admin] is now aqua, instead of dark red.
    • [Mod] is now dark red, instead of red.
    • [Helper] is now red, instead of gold.
    • [Patron] is now gold, instead of yellow.
    • [Legend] is now magenta, instead of aqua.
  • Forums have been improved aesthetically:
    • Custom forum skin has been applied to the forums.
    • Categories page has been set as the default page instead of the Latest page.



  • All servers (except Hub) now automatically restart daily at midnight on EST time as part of server maintenance.
  • Removed voting inventory limitations, which was not allowing players to receive vote rewards.




  1. Holy says:

    Congratulations! To many more years : )

  2. Big update! Nice to see the server and forums are still being worked on ^^
    I wish you would pick something else than my wheat field screen as the background, I’m finding it really bland xD

  3. hehe, i picked the wheat field as it’s the same background as our main site, and the shop :slight_smile:

    tho we could always rotate it every so often …

  4. I just think with the servers many unique biomes and custom dungeons it should show it off with something better than a farm field <3 But yeah, you could make the background randomly pick an image each login? I remember we submitted plenty of them :wink:

  5. Yeah, there were several chosen but you could also just cycle all the good ones

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