Community Rules

Our community rules apply to all Realm of Allura affiliated websites, games and gatherings.  We request that all members be respectful and civil toward each other at all times, in order to maintain a safe and comfortable environment for all.  Failure to obey the following rules may result in sanctions, which include but are not limited to: a temporary mute, temporary ban or permanent ban, at the discretion of staff.

  • No harassment or excessive trolling/bullying.
  • No bigotry or hate speech (including but not limited to ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, political and religion).
  • No discussion of NSFW topics.
  • No offensive/NSFW names.
  • No excessive swearing.
  • No spamming or excessive use of CAPs.
  • No ban-baiting (tricking others into breaking rules).
  • No impersonating staff.
  • Discuss any rule breaking privately with staff, rather than in chat.


Server Rules

Our server rules apply to all Realm of Allura servers, alongside the community rules.  We request that all members play fair and keep the game fun for everyone.

  • No griefing.
  • No cheating (including but not limited to hacking, illegal duplication, bug/glitch exploitation and x-ray).
  • No offensive/NSFW nicknames, creations or skins.
  • No trap-killing players (nether portal traps or pitfall traps, for example).
  • No lag machines.
  • No advertising of other servers/networks in public.
  • No bypassing of AFK kick restrictions (including but not limited to anti-AFK contraptions, macros, AutoClickers and forced input devices).


Discord Rules

Our discord rules apply to the official Realm of Allura discord chat channel, in addition to the community rules.

  • No spamming voice chat with loud or annoying noises.
  • No recording of voice chat audio without seeking permission.
  • Use push-to-talk if you’re in a loud area or if you have cross-talk. Rules

Our rules apply to the official Realm of Allura channel, alongside the community rules. Failure to obey the following requests may result in a skipped track, or sanctions described above, to the discretion of staff.

  • No playing of videos that aren’t music related.
  • No playing of videos longer than 5 minutes (with exceptions).
  • No playing of videos that are NSFW.



Unless stated otherwise, temporary and permanent bans issued by staff can be appealed if enough satisfactory evidence is shown to prove remorse or that a mistake was made on our behalf.  If you wish to appeal your ban you can do so within the support section of the website. Failure to obey the following requests may result in further punishment, to the discretion of staff.

  • No complaining about bans issued.
  • No use of alternative accounts or address to evade bans.
  • No requests for ban modifications.