Build Leader

ShinyNate (Nate)
Cap’n Nate#0945


ShinyNate, AKA Nate, is 26 and currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri in the U.S. In real life he is a college student and a visual artist. His goal has always been to learn every form of art he can and teach it to others. One unexpected platform for this was Minecraft. He’s been playing the game for around four years and has changed roles several times, from helper, moderator and admin to build leader. Nate’s been in various build teams and learned tools like world edit and enjoys playing around with different styles, most notably steampunk. He understands though that there are always ways to improve and learn. As a leader he want’s to stay modest, and prefers not talk down to or be condescending to normal players, but will put his foot down on important issues like bullying or harassment and is willing to offer sound advice and be the voice of reason when needed. His goal for Realm of Allura is to make it the most enjoyable experience possible, whether it be places to explore, games to play, or new content to use, and believes it can be an great place for people to hang out and make long lasting friendships, as it has been for him.