There are many options when it comes to donating on Realms of Allura. Let’s start with how to access the donating page. To begin with go to This first page has four links to choose from; Home, Ranks, Claim Blocks, and Extras. Selecting Ranks will bring you to a new page where you will enter your Minecraft Username, this logs you into the shop so that any ranks or perks will go to your account. Or likewise if you are wanting to donate on the behalf of a friend, you would enter their Minecraft Username and they would receive the perk.

Ranks provide in-game perks that affect Survival, Plots, and Skyblock. Each rank comes with perks for each of the realms and the higher your rank the better the perks. Here are a few of the many perks available: Trails, more Claim Blocks per hour, more Homes, more Shops, more Storable Pets, more Commands like /back and /hdb, instant teleporting, and so much more! Getting higher up ranks gives you all the perks of the lower ranks as well. Donations spent on ranks also stacks, meaning $5 spent on Expert is $5 off the next rank you buy.

Claim Blocks
Claim Blocks are used in-game to protect players items. The more Claim Blocks you have the more space you can mark as your own. Click on the buy button to see how many Claim Blocks you will receive from that package. All of these packages can be received multiple times.

Extras include World Edit, Staff Donation, and Tiered Upgrades. Staff Donation is a way for players to give directly to staff members. World Edit is available in Plots only, to see more information click the buy button. Tiered Upgrades deal mainly with getting more Plots, Homes, or Shops. The higher the tier the better the upgrade.

Once you have decided on which rank, package, or perk you wish to get click the blue ‘Buy’ button. Doing so will bring up a menu giving you information on the item you are receiving, with the ranks it gives you a complete list of all the perks you will get. Next, select ‘Add to Cart’. Doing this will bring you to the Checkout page. Here you have a moment to review what you are getting and how much the donation is going to be. When you are ready to complete the donation select the box to agree to the terms and conditions.

Finally, select the PayPal box to be routed to your PayPal account. If you do not already have a PayPal account there is the option to donate with Debit or Credit Card. Selecting this option will bring you to a Guest Checkout page where you can input all of your information. Donation items and perks should show up in-game within 5-15 minutes. If it has been over an hour since your donation and it has not shown up notify staff through a bug report.